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Enjoy yoga in Sri Lanka

Yoga in Sri Lanka is one of the island's great pleasures, and renting our villa is the perfect way to explore both Sri Lankan Yoga and Ayurvedic practices. Although it is a great way to attain pure relaxation and to keep your body supple, Yoga can be frustrating when you have to practice it in huge groups. However, as part of our holiday package, we provide private tuition with a skilled Yoga practitioner so that you do not have to share the floor with anybody else. Enjoy daily sessions in a tranquil setting and experience complete relaxation and spiritual awareness, with expert guidance to show you how to achieve complete harmony and peace. Additionally, we also provide access to a full Ayurvedic assessment and access to fresh, healthy vegetarian food so that everyone will return from their holiday refreshed and healthy. Instead of having to visit expensive Ayurvedic resorts, we can help you to heal your body, mind and spirit, improving your digestion and sleep, and removing toxins from your body. Few Sri Lanka holiday deals can tend to your body and mind like this, so explore the limits of relaxation with a holiday spent at our villa in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Meditation

Enjoy total peace and quiet with Sri Lanka holiday deals

Part of the appeal of our holiday home is the ability to achieve pure solitude and relaxation. Unlike crowded hotels or apartments in resorts, our villa is set aside from the bustle of Sri Lanka (although you can dive into the energy of Batticaloa's fish, fruit, vegetable, garmet and other markets whenever you wish). The lagoon, beach and gardens of our home are the ideal place to attain complete relaxation, with nobody demanding your attention and just the swaying palm trees and lapping waves for company. There are few better places for meditation than the deserted tropical beach which is a few hundred metres from the property while there are a number of peaceful Hindu temples nearby, which you can visit in the company of a yoga expert, enhancing your meditation experience. But for others, the main appeal is that you can simply enjoy the total privacy and exclusivity that the villa provides. With the help of our property manager you can experience the delights of Sri Lanka - from Ayurveda to Yoga and local foods - without any fuss or hassle. Enjoying this slice of tropical paradise could not be easier than enjoying tourism in Sri Lanka at our hoiday villa in Batticaloa.

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Respect nature with eco-tourism holidays in Sri Lanka

We believe in protecting the natural world, and Sri Lankan culture reflects this with its vegetarian traditions and love of local foods. Enjoy a sustainable holiday by sampling the dishes prepared by local chefs. But tourism in Sri Lanka also offers endless opportunities for lovers of nature to see the island's rich animal life without damaging its habitat. There are numerous national parks within easy reach of the villa in which visitors can get close to elephants, leopards, monkeys and deer, as well as abundant bird life. The reefs are perfect for snorkelling, while whale and dolphin watching can be arranged, as well as sustainable fishing trips. While you stay at our villa, you can experience every natural wonder that Sri Lanka has to offer. On the water you can try fishing on the lagoon or on the open ocean. Head into the mangroves with a rented kayak, try turtle watching at coastal villages like Rekawa. Inland, visitors can explore spectacular cave systems such as Bogoda, which is not far from Batticaloa, or they can use our bicycles to travel down the peninsular on which the villa lies, looking for that perfect stretch of deserted sand for an idyllic tropical picnic.

Sri Lanka Ayurveda

Enjoy a tasty Sri Lanka holiday with delicious vegetarian dishes

Few holidays are as sustainable, eco-friendly and delicious as staying in our holiday property. Instead of a hotel in Sri Lanka, stay in an exclusive home with direct access to sumptuous locally prepared vegetarian curries, seafood and fish dishes which can be as spicy or mild as you desire. Arrange everything with the home's caretaker or housekeeper and enjoy the products of local fishermen and local farmers delivered straight to your garden table. When you stay in a hotel, Sri Lanka might pass you by, but staying in our villa will let you try every kind of delicacy that its people can create. Enjoy vegetarian delights like coconut daal, jackfruit curry or a refreshing bowl of chopped gotukola. Or choose from an infinite selection of mouth watering seafood dishes. Few places in the world cook fish and seafood like Sri Lanka,and there are some wonderful dishes to try, including chilli fish curries, curried squid and freshly caught fish baked in coconut leaves. Fans of spicy food will be in heaven, but local chefs will be happy to cater for all tastes. Just let our housekeeper know what you prefer, and a suitable feast will be on offer every day of your stay.

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