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The weather in tropical Sri Lanka

One of the great attractions of renting our villa is the chance to experience the Sri Lankan climate. Sri Lanka sits just above the equator and enjoys a tropical but pleasant climate that is a world away from the dreary and chilly weather of northern countries. However, as with most tropical countries, Sri Lanka weather includes distinct rainy and dry seasons. Unlike many other tropical destinations, however, the island experiences two different monsoon periods. Around Batticaloa, the eastern monsoon lasts from around October and ends in January. On the other hand, the region enjoys a warm, dry spell from around May until September. In the west, things are slightly different, with a different monsoon cycle. There, the rains come between May and September, and the dry season lasts from December until March. This means that whenever you visit, some part of Sri Lanka will be experiencing hot, dry and bright weather. But no parts of the country experience more favourable, pleasant weather conditions than the east coast around our holiday villa in Batticaloa.

Sri lanka climate

Visiting the east is generally thought to be best between April and September, when the rains relent and warm clear weather prevails. The dry season sees average temperatures of between 27 and 30 degrees centigrade, and consistent sea temperatures of 27 degrees. The hottest month is June, when average highs peak at 34 degrees, but even January 

sees an average peak of almost 28 degrees. This is perfect weather for bathing and water sports, as well as relaxing in peace and quiet in the villa's exclusive private garden or on the nearby shore of the lagoon. Then again, some people like to travel "out of season", and renting our property can be rewarding at any time of year. The weather in Sri Lanka is never entirely predictable, and sunny spells can occur at any time, while the off season sees smaller crowds (even though the beaches near the villa will never be packed). Unlike Colombo in the west, Batticaloa only has one real monsoon season, and is in one of the driest parts of Sri Lanka, so it will be perfect for outdoor activities, meditation and water sports at almost any time of year. So head out onto the lagoon in a kayak or dinghy, wander the streets of Batticaloa, stroll down the miles of sandy beaches, take the bicycles that we provide out and soak up the atmosphere in one of Sri Lanka's finest tourist spots.

sri lanka weather

For anyone seeking tropical weather Sri Lanka will be the perfect beach destination. Being next to the lagoon and the coast, our property enjoys cooler conditions than the city and many resorts, ensuring that visitors will be comfortable despite the heat. And with fans provided on site, you will never feel uncomfortable inside the house. Whether you are seeking a winter refuge or a summer escape, peace, quiet and stunning weather awaits visitors to this tropical paradise when they rent our holiday villa. Sri Lanka weather tends to follow a rough schedule throughout the year. The best month to visit may well be March, if you intend to take a road map of Sri Lanka and explore the many regions of the island by car. At that time of year, each region should be between monsoon seasons, and dry weather is to be expected whether you are on the east or west coasts. April and May are seen as the high beach season on the east coast. However, this is nothing like high season on the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, and crowds on the beaches around Batticaloa will hardly be noticeable for foreign visitors. The sunshine lasts from March until well into October, and the eastern coast has one of the shortest monsoon seasons in the whole country. This means that it has easily the best Sri Lanka weather for beach lovers. Indeed, it is ideal for anyone who wants to embrace a lively, hospitable tropical culture in beautiful natural surroundings.

weather in sri lanka

If you like the sound of Sri Lanka weather, there is no better place to enjoy Yoga or dive into a different culture, and there is no better place to stay that in a beautiful, well furnished holiday home like ours. We think that our holiday home provides the ideal balance of tropical weather, coolness and privacy. Relax in a little tourist paradise of your own with air conditioning and coastal breezes, but enjoy the heat and sunshine at the beach. Refresh yourself in tropical surroundings in a way that hotel accommodation could never allow by renting our gorgeous holiday villa in Batticaloa.

While hotels and city apartments can be stifling and unpleasant in the Sri Lanka weather, with our villa you will always feel comfortable and free from the stress of the city, ensuring that you enjoy the weather, rather than having to endure it.

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